About Us


To plan and spearhead the course of national development.


The NPC Mandate is derived from the Article 129 of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia and the National Planning Commission Act 2013 (Act 2 of 2013).


To be a centre of excellence at the forefront of the course of national development.


To plan, prioritise and direct national development through effective coordination, monitoring and evaluation by providing advisory services to achieve sustainable socio-economic development.

Core Values

Accountability To be answerable for the mandate and resources entrusted to NPC.
Professionalism Being objective and neutral in performing official duties, using competency and capacity to adhere to set targets and standards in order to deliver quality services.
Integrity Serving with honesty without fear or favour.
Transparency Ensuring openness, communication and provision of information relating to the planning and coordination of national development processes and programmes
Teamwork Recognising that our effectiveness as an institution is not determined by individual performance but by our collective performance as a team.


  • spearhead the identification of Namibia‚Äôs socio-economic development priorities;
  • formulate short-term, medium-term and long-term national development plans in consultation with regional councils;
  • develop monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure effective implementation of the national development plans;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of Government socio-economic policies;
  • coordinate the development of government socio-economic policies to ensure consistency; and
  • mobilise, manage and coordinate international development cooperation.

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